Who We Are

Concorde is one of the leading fashion retailers in Jordan. Concorde started like almost every other business, but now it is not like any other. With more than 35 years of experience Concorde set up solid pillars in fashion retail industry. Concorde from its early beginning had the enthusiasm and the determination to serve the community by introducing elegant and affordable fashion products. Moreover, Concorde always offer a wide range of styles in each line of fashion products, and it is a fact that the customers of Concorde almost always find what fit their needs. Quality is not negotiable at Concorde, and at Concorde we are always developing our quality assurance standards. We are always looking for the best suppliers and manufacturers to insure the best quality is delivered to our customers. Concorde also has the commitment to satisfy the customer when by accident defect items are sold to them. Concorde is now moving with confidence to become a global and worldwide fashion retailer. 

                 Concorde has recently obtained the ISO 9001 certificate, and we are working for more. We are developing every activity of our business to meet the international accepted standards from designing our products, purchasing, storing, distributing, selling, customer services and down to registering customer complaints and needs. This -in our belief- is going to serve our customers, and that is what truly matters to us.  

                 Concorde is expanding its business outside Jordan. We have recently launched our franchising programs which we developed to fit the needs of different areas in the world, and to fit different investor tastes. Concorde has the solid experience to help those who want to start their own business in the area of fashion retail, and at Concorde we are ready to listen to you and discuss your requirements.